Jul. 21st, 2011

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So I headed home on Thursday night to spend five days with my family, including a mini vacation with my mom and sisters in Atlantic City. We had a lovely time, but it's part of the reason so much of my share went uneaten. I didn't really do anything innovative with the rest of the share, so here's the quick rundown, followed by the list of what I got this week:

Basil: never got finished, and probably went bad by now.
Tatsoi: see previous post - already done
Kohlrabi: not finished because it seems I can't eat kohlrabi after all, which is too bad.
Broccoli: after seeing that I couldn't eat the kohlrabi, I didn't bother trying the broccoli. Chances are, I still can't eat it.
Curly endive: did not get finished
Zucchini: the two I hadn't eaten yet got sauteed with onion, red pepper and thyme at my parents' house, because my parents were out of Italian seasoning. The verdict: too much thyme, so I didn't like it.
Beets: still in my fridge to be eaten this coming week, because I am guessing they will last
Beet greens: I sauteed them with garlic and mixed them into rice again. Apparently, this works a lot better when the rice hasn't had a chance to cool off yet, but Shabbat prep in my parents' kitchen was too crazy to allow for that. Oh well.
Cucumbers: I brought the second one home, and we ended up eating it sliced into sticks in Atlantic City with one of our meals. It would have tasted better if we'd had salad dressing for it, but we hadn't made it to the supermarket yet. (That, and a leftover green pepper one of my sisters brought along were the vegetables with our dinner, so it came in handy.)
Kale: brought it home to use with the beet greens, but found out my father isn't so into it, so it never quite got finished off. I ate some of it Thursday night with poached eggs. That dish works better with some of the other greens than it does with kale.
Lettuce: I have to check the fridge. Either I finished it, or I finished most of it by eating it with my lunch.

Things that got finished: tatsoi, kohlrabi greens, broccoli greens, beet greens, cucumbers, zucchini, maybe the lettuce
Things I didn't finish: basil, curly endives, beets, kale, maybe the lettuce
Things I can't eat and should give away if they're still good: kohlrabi, broccoli

This week's share:

- 5 stalks of basil
- 2 stalks of dill
- 4 small ears of corn
- 2 nice sized zucchinis
- 1 onion
- 1 head of lettuce (same texture, but different color this time)
- 2 fennel
- 3 cucumbers
- 1 bunch arugula

So now, I need to explore uses for dill and fennel. Also: Note the relative lack of greens. How different!


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