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If you want to eat an apple, then you have to get it out of the fridge.

When you open up the vegetable crisper, you'll find other things that have rotted, and you'll have to throw them into the trash can.

Once they are in the trash can, you'll realize that the trash needs to be taken out, because it stinks, but before you do that, you should probably clean out the rest of the fridge.

When you clean the fridge, you will find the sticky mess on the fridge shelf, and remove the entire shelf to clean it.

Your sink is too small, so you'll have to clean it in the bathtub.

You move the bath mat out of the way - and find mold on the bottom of the mat, and on the tub, so once you're done with the shelf, you'll clean that too.

Cleaning involves rags, and tends to make them dirty, which means you'll also have to do some laundry.

If you're already doing laundry, you might as well take that pile of dirty clothing on the chair and throw that in the wash at the same time.

Of course, that pile has some sweaters in it that need to lie flat to dry, so you'll need to clear some space on the floor by getting rid of that pile of old papers.

When you pick up the papers, you find an old cereal bowl buried beneath them, so you take it to the sink to wash it.

While you're at it, you might as well wash all of the other dishes that are piled up in the sink.

Which means you'll need to put away the clean ones still sitting in the drying rack from the last time you did dishes. 

And once you're done with all of that, you'll probably need a snack, so you'll open the fridge to take out an apple...

**Disclaimer: The mess that needed to be cleaned was actually the one from the rotting stuff in the crisper drawer. And I decided to save the bathtub for another time - so the rest of this didn't really happen. But I hope you found it entertaining anyway.
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