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 Hi all. 

Just for the sake of consistency, here's the post from last week that went directly onto Facebook because LJ was down.

For those of you seeing this on facebook, I'll try to delete this note once it cross-posts so that you won't see it twice.

Here goes:

Hi all.

So I can't refer back to my CSA list because that's in a Livejournal post, and Livejournal is down at the moment. But here's what I've done with my share so far - and how I used up some more of Share #2:

Share #2: One more update

Broccoli and kohlrabi actually got used! I had a surprise Shabbat guest (hooray!) who is vegetarian, and since I was taking her along to meals with me, decided that an extra side dish wouldn't hurt - and gave me an excuse to use up the veggies I couldn't eat. I did an internet search for broccoli and kohlrabi together, and found an interesting recipe - that I then modified based on what was in the apartment, since there was no way I was leaving my AC for another shopping trip in 100 degree weather.

- 1 head of broccoli (greens already eaten)
- 1 and a half kohlrabi (what do you call an individual kohlrabi? Again, greens already eaten.)
- olive oil (for sauteeing)
- onion (from Share #3!)
- craisins
- slivered almonds

1. blanch the broccoli (the internet tells me this takes 3 minutes). Boil the kohlrabi for 2 minutes. I did both in the same pot, and left them in for a bit longer because there wasn't enough water so I had to add more which made it un-boil.
2. chop the broccoli into small pieces and chop the kohlrabi into what the recipe calls matchsticks.
3. toast almonds (I had leftovers from another dish I had just made. Otherwise, I would have tossed them in untoasted. They weren't in the original recipe anyway.)
4. sautee craisins (because I like them better sauteed than not, and it doesn't at much prep time.)
5. sautee onions
6. make a dressing with balsamic vinegar and sugar that no one will use anyway, because they all liked it without the dressing just fine (which is to say, not doing that next time.)
7. mix everything together and serve at room temperature because that's just how it happened.

I think the recipe I based it on came from

Share #3 so far:

I used the microwave to steam one ear of corn. It mostly tasted good, except for one spot that was a bit rotten, and the top was missing some kernels. But the good part (most of it) tasted good.

I used the lettuce remaining from Share #2 plus some from Share #3 to make that same salad again for Shabbat, the one with apples and cucumber. (and finished the leftover salad today at lunch.)

I also ate half of a cucumber on its own with lunch one day.

I used some of the onion as noted above, and also in another side dish I made for Shabbat (string beans with sauteed onion and toasted almonds - hence the leftover almonds.) I think over half of the huge onion is now gone.

I sauteed a small amount of zucchini with garlic, salt, pepper and Italian seasoning and it was yummy as a side dish last night.

This evening, I experimented with arugula. I sauteed it with garlic, then tossed it in with some pasta and a bit of tomato sauce, then topped the whole thing with cheese. Either the garlic or the pasta masked the bitterness, and it worked well.

I also used some of the basil on top of a pita pizza again.

I think the basil won't get used up before it dies. The arugula may suffer a similar fate because it is dying quickly - but at least I found a way I like to eat it. I think the onion, zucchini, cucumbers, corn and lettuce will mostly get eaten. I still have to do some research on how to use the fennel and the dill - not that I have much dill. Also, I still have some beets left from Share #2, and I should probably get around to eating them at some point... (Hmm... wonder if there are any fennel and beet recipes out there... maybe I should do an internet search...)

And that is all.
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