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So it turns out the farm out produce comes from took a hit from Irene. It did some damage. This week's share looks pretty normal, but we'll see what happens in future weeks. 

As for last week's share (my part of it), I think I actually managed to eat the entire thing, a first for me. (Well, unless you count the last two carrot sticks/part of an ear of corn left on my plate at the end of various meals...)

The corn got microwave-steamed.
The mini peppers went into egg omelets, a zucchini dish (I think), and got eaten raw with some salad dressing.
The tomato got used in an eggplant recipe (see below)
The zucchini got sauteed and also used in the same eggplant recipe
The cucumber got eaten raw
The carrot got eaten raw as carrot sticks
The eggplant got used first mixed in a sautee with zucchini (in which I discovered I should have peeled it) and then in a recipe based on one from the produce recipe book I got at the farm store in Gaithersburg. (Farm store being a produce stand located at the edge of an actual farm.):

I sauteed onion, eggplant and zucchini with salt, pepper and oregano. Then, I mixed in some tomato until the tomato got all mushed up and the other stuff turned all red. 

The first time around, it came out yummy. The second time, not as good. Not sure why.

This week's share:
- 6 stalks of chard (basically, I'm guessing one serving)
- 4 ears of corn
- 2 tiny summer squashes
- 3 small tomatoes
- 2 smallish cucumbers
- 7 small peppers
- 1 eggplant

This will be the first share that carries over into a work week, so we'll see how it goes once my lunch vegetable has to be packed into a lunch bag.


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