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Last night, my parents treated me to a Broadway ticket to see Newsies with them and my sister, and I am so grateful to them, because the best I can do to describe how it was is to say, wow!

We were seated in the second to last row of the balcony, and they were actually the perfect seats, because we had a beautiful view of the amazing dance numbers, and there were many of them.

But it wasn't just the dance numbers that made it amazing. There was something so beautifully nostalgic about hearing those familiar tunes. As soon as the music kicked in, I'd feel this swell of emotion - this comforting, heartening sense of familiarity - that nearly brought tears to my eyes. Santa Fe, Carrying the Banner, Seize the Day, The World Will Know, Once and for All... all the songs I used to hear over and over. (I may be getting some of the titles wrong. But if you know Newsies, you know which songs I'm referring to.)

They changed a few things in the plot. The biggest change was that they turned the male reporter female so that they could combine her with the love interest, who was a much more minor character in the movie. I liked that change, and they even dealt with the fact that she was a female reporter in a time when such a thing was the exception to the rule. 

They added in some new songs, but they fit in with the others so well that they didn't bother me. (And one or two of them really brought a smile to my face.)

They changed some lyrics, but that didn't bother me either. 

The familiarity was still there - and also the beautiful, uplifting message - that the powerless can band together and change the world for the better. (And that's only the main message. There were other messages too.)

I especially like that it's based on a true story, because that makes the message hold that much more power. 

In today's world, with so many rights being trampled on here in the USA, it's an important, essential message. 

Broadway shows are expensive. The show has to be pretty amazing to warrant spending that much money on a ticket, even for the least expensive seats in the house. Newsies was worth it. 


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