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Hi all.

So you should all be proud of me for not venting about the migraines. (I've been getting one roughly every 2-3 days. There. Venting done. And yes, I did see a doctor.)

So I tried excedrin migraine this morning. It is basically aspirin, tylenol and a cup of coffee in a pill. (Which is to say, there is nothing too scary in it - which is a good thing.)

The good news: it worked.
The bad news: it has side effects.
The lack of news: no clue how the caffiene affected my ability to fall back asleep because said side-effects kept me awake anyway.

And in other news...

Last night, I posted a userpic to my fictional LJ, [livejournal.com profile] taylwoven.

If you read the entry and comments, you will find out where Anna got the userpic. I just wanted to clarify, though, as to where *I* got it - because I don't jog, and it wasn't taken with a cell phone. (This line makes more sense if you have read the aforementioned entry and comments.) I did take the photo myself - and crop it down. (If anyone can tell me how to reduce the size of a photo without cropping, I am listening... well, reading, technically...)

Remember the day when I went to the museum for Spanish class? (Oh, look: this entry actually connects to the previous one - yay continuity.) Well, I had my camera with me to use at the museum. (yes, they allow photography - just no flash. Hooray for digital cameras because they adjust the exposure time accordingly. The photos are blurry, but at least they came out properly exposed.) Anyway, on the way to the subway that morning, I walked past a butterfly sitting on a railing in front of a building. I kept walking, then realized I had my camera, went back, and snapped some photos.

Anyway, just wanted to clarify that.

Oh, and do feel free to read Anna's blog and interact with it. It's more fun that way, and the more people interact with the story, the more likely the story is to continue.
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So I started my summer Spanish class yesterday. My other class, on language assessment (related to ESL), began on Monday and I am really enjoying it.

My Spanish class? Not so much. How bad is it that I can sit there in class and explain how I know she is a bad teacher? I mean, she is friendly and well-meaning, and helpful in providing vocabulary and structure when students want to give individualized answers to questions in the text.

But then she deals with grammar.

Maybe it is the linguistics major inside me. Maybe I just can't stand it when a teacher gives an inaccurate description of why a certain grammar structure works the way it does. Like when she was explaining the Arabic influence on a certain Spanish construction:

"Me gusta el gato" is the equivalent of "I like the cat." It really translates to, "the cat pleases me." Word by word:
"me pleases the cat."

She was trying to explain why it is backwards, and she said it is because Arabic is written right to left.

I was so frustrated! It is a different grammar system - nothing to do with which direction they write!

Plus, other people are having such issues following the grammar stuff. I am not, because of many factors:
a) early experience with two very different grammar systems - English and Hebrew - leaves me more open to learning new grammars
b) I did learn some French - even if I have forgotten most of it
c) my linguistics background
d) I am just good at learning grammars
But other people don't have that, and they are struggling.

Anyway, it is frustrating.

That having been said, there is one convenient thing about the class:
We miss two instructional days to visit a museum and a restaurant on our own.
Next Tuesday, I will be going to a museum. (Lemme know if you want to come. I am thinking Museo del Barrio.)
The Tuesday after that, I will not be going to a restaurant.

Instead, I will be at home, relieved that I only have half a day of classes on a fast day. :)
So that is a very good thing.

As for the restaurant, well, I am going to try to find a kosher one that sells cuisine from a Spanish-speaking country (I am open to suggestions) and, barring that, I will just write up something about Jewish Sephardi foods instead. (which she said is okay. As I said, she is nice.)

As for the sunset part, well, twice a year, the sunset aligns with the east-west blocks in the city. Which, as we know, are not actually east and west. Anyway, it happens on May 28th and July 12th. (I am not crazy. I looked it up today on a website.) And today was sunny and gorgeous. And digital cameras are convenient because I could look at the viewscreen instead of the sun, and thus not hurt my eyes.

Anyway, I got some pictures.
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Assign the first bracha to someone at one end of the long table. Then assign the second bracha to someone at the other end of the table. Repeat five more times. It is especially entertaining if you manage to pick two people who are sitting next to each other for non-consecutive brachot, and have the one person between them sitting at the opposite end.

My father got his exercise yesterday evening.

My family hosted a sheva brachot at his office. It was about... 30 people? Take two tables, put them end to end. Repeat on the other side. Then put a table crosswise at the head and at the foot, making one large square. Feels roomy, but also cozy. It was good. Also low-key and casual.

The wedding on Sunday was beautiful as well. It was also wonderful that the entire family was invited. We got a wonderful photo of ourselves.

And the bride and groom got about five sets of photos via people who used Snapfish (myself included - did I mention I uploaded 75 photos of the wedding?) and yesterday, two days after the wedding, they had already ordered over 100 photos to be printed - and were going to pick them up from Walgreens (you can do that on Snapfish) on the way home.

Digital cameras are a wonderful invention.
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There's something redeeming about a digital camera. With a regular camera, especially a disposable one, I have to weigh the worth of the picture against using up 1/27th of my film and then paying to develop the photo. With a digital, I can try the same photo as many times as I want, knowing that I can still take 200 more, and that, if I don't like it, I can delete it. There's a certain freedom that comes with having my new camera - knowing there is always another picture, knowing I lose nothing but a few seconds of battery.

I guess it's related to taking risks - the digital camera gives me a sort of safety net. In a way, it lets me take more risks because I know there won't be any consequences - and it is nice to feel safe when taking risks and trying out new things. Safety nets are important.

Anyway, Coney Island was fun - thank you to Y for dragging us out there. It was great to walk barefoot on the sand - yet another risk I was willing to take! And I survived it unharmed, I am pleased to say - though the sand is going to be in my shoes all summer - and it was great to snap fun photos - I think I took more than a roll of film worth, which, as I said, was liberating. And it was also great to just lay on Y's special sand-repelling beach blanket and doze off - and also yell at AB for her lack of self-restraint in regard to a certain DVD....

I was lying there, thinking about what we could do later, remembering that M had lent us two Firefly DVD's, and there were a few episodes left, then remembering I thought I had left them at AB's apartment. So I asked her. And the exchange went something like this:

Me: Wait- I left Firefly at your apartment, didn't I.
AB: Yes.
Me, suddenly remembering how bad this could be: Did you watch any of it?
AB, with one of her trying-to-be-innocent-but-really-confessing-her-guilt grins that I can sense even though her face is toward the super-blanket, so i really can't see it: Yes.
Me: AB - how much did you watch?
AB: A little... (more grinning.)
Me: How much did you watch?
AB: A little
This exchange repeated itself a few more times, with AB burying her grinning face further and further into the blanket, and her grin dissolving into laughter. She eventually admitted to two episodes, in that cutesie little, "how can you be angry at me" voice.

Yes, it worked. It is very hard to scold someone when you can't keep a straight face! (I hope I do better with my future students) I hit her a bunch of times with my beach hat, but really, I was just laughing too hard to be angry.

AB's excuse? she has no self-restraint. I don't think she even really apologized. I think she just admitted to succumbing to temptation, and used that as justification - and I let her! Maybe because it was just so her. Because I was so not surprised.

And you wonder why she is the evil one...

She did, however, agree that she deserves to be punished. I feel very little need to punish her, but I also feel I should not indulge this little weakness of hers. As such, I have decided that it is only fair to let everyone else laugh at or with her. (I hope with her, because at her might be a bit severe.) AB, consider yourself punished. (and go back to work - exercise some self-restraint :) - you know you can. You did on the train - and stop reading this til your lunch break - and do let me know if you feel I should delete this. You're probably the first one reading it anyway...)

Anyway, Coney Island was fun. Even if it was not Y's idea of an ideal beach experience. It was certainly a convenient one, and a really great day off.
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Apparently, I helped to plan my own surprise party. Rather convenient, don't you think?

So I guess AB did redeem that surprise party gift certificate after all - just not for herself. :) So that's how you schedule your own surprise party... make it someone else's.

I was almost surprised... Much as I was almost surprised by the gift - but then certain people saw me taking pictures with my disposable camera, and said it was time to give me my gift...

I have some great pictures on it already - AB smiling over her gift - that's why I "helped" them decide to give me my gift first - and M playing with AB's yummy niece... (whose first initial is also A, and I don't know her last name, so I will just call her the yummy niece) and some other random photos as well.

Yay for technology!

And AB only has to wait a week before she can use her new i-pod - which was about as much of a surprise as my camera - and if you don't know why she has to wait a week, just think Jewish calendar.

Anyway, the party was great. Lots of people making lots of pizzas - AB even made us fresh dough! - and two wonderfully home-made desserts - thank you to A's sister (who probably will never read this) and to R for that. And then we watched four episodes of Firefly - though there were only three of us left by the end... it was a wonderful party, and I felt like it lasted all day.

Thank you to all of you who chipped in for my gift (and for those of you who never got back to AB, no, it isn't too late to be a part of it). And thank you to those of you who tried to come and had prior commitments (happy anniversary to R and D! It was an anniversary party, right? Or was it a graduation party?) And thank you to all of you who tried so hard to get my family and friends out here. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking of how much effort you put into that.

Today left me with a very happy feeling. Plus, I will now save a ton of money on photo developing!


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