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So I had a dream involving things like a Tardis, and traveling back and forth between two times in the same huge, complicated, hotel-like building. There was this other character I was working with, and I was pretty sure she'd end up taking a lead role, and, while dreaming, I found myself thinking that there should be tension between us before I got used to the fact that she'd be the leader, not me. 

The dream also involved running repeatedly down long, complicated corridors, ferrying items like china dishes from one time to the other. I kept thinking that, in any good story, I should succeed at this a few times, and then, I should get caught, or at least run into trouble. This made me anxious.

Apparently, my inner editor was having way too much fun critiquing my dream - but I'm not sure I mind.
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 (But you knew that already)

So one of the benefits of having a snow day was getting to sleep in, which meant I actually remembered my dream.

Most of my dream was Dollhouse related (For those few people who read this who have not watched the TV series, the rest of this won't make much sense, but if you have - any of it at all, this will. No spoilers in my dream, but no guarantees on the comments.)

So it was something about the Dollhouse taking over the city, or the world. In my dream, I think, instead of reprogramming people's brains with other personalities, they were just sort of brainwashing people, leaving them in one particular altered state. Anyway, I hadn't been caught yet, and somehow found my way inside the Dollhouse via an elevator. (it looked nothing like the one on the show. It was just normal rooms in a normal building, but maybe without windows.) . And there were all these people (dolls, presumably) eating dinner. Only not all of them were actually dolls. Some of them were protecting themselves by pretending to be dolls so they wouldn't actually get turned into dolls. I tried to do the same, I guess, to fit in and not get caught by Adele, who was the one in charge. And I saw all these people I knew, including [livejournal.com profile] shirei_shibolim , and possibly [livejournal.com profile] terriqat . The former got a sad look in his eyes or something, like he was disappointed to see I was there, that I'd been caught. I raised an eyebrow at him as a question, and he raised one back in answer, and maybe offered me a slight nod. And then, both of us knew that the other was just pretending. And I found a secret room that the others were using, and at some point, i made it back out into the city, to a park, where my friends were (one of them was either Echo or Eliza Dushku - not really sure whether she was her character or herself), and I hugged them, said to them, "I'm a doll," and they got all upset, but then, I added, "Well, not really," and they were all relieved. Then, I had to rush back before someone noticed I was missing.

Also, in a completely unrelated scene (I think before all the Dollhouse stuff), I got these boots that went to my knees that were black, but had red leather going down one side, with black lacing over it, and tall, thin heels. They looked really cool. In the last scene of the dream, I was also wearing tall boots as I was running back to the Dollhouse, but those were black suede. And it was snowing. So that wasn't the wisest of shoe choices.

Anyway, it was a strange enough dream that I enjoyed recalling it when I woke up. Too bad it took place in an odd representation of someone else's created universe. Makes it much less useful to me in terms of story fodder. (Though, then again, the novel I am currently revising has its roots in a dream that involved characters from Heroes, so who knows...)

Also, I am impressed by my subconscious's ability to present to me, if not an actual plot, a string of events that made some vague sort of sense for the most part in terms of how one followed the other. More of an exploration of a world/location than a story, I guess. 
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On Friday morning, just before I woke up, I had a dream about getting ready to travel somewhere for Shabbat, and about going to the library. In the library, I visited the children's section to take out beginning reader books in Spanish.

When I woke up, I realized that was actually a pretty good idea, so, later in the day, I visited the library and checked out ten picture books and Harry Potter #3 in Spanish. (Why #3? Because they didn't have #1, and #2 isn't worth struggling through in a foreign language.)

The picture books range from "Maisy" books, designed for very little kids, in which Maisy goes through daily routines, clarified by illustrations that match the text to harder books like two "Olivia" books- one, I own in English and know well, and the other is a new one for me - to even harder books that are bilingual - so I can check the translation when I don't understand.

So far, my favorite is "Go, Dog Go" - it is a well-designed beginning reader book because the illustrations really tell you what the text says - and thus it is also useful for a beginning speaker - because the illustations help me understand the words.

Anyway, kudos to my subconscious on this one. Trying to read Spanish children's books is fun.
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Last night, I was walking home from a break-fast meal at [livejournal.com profile] mysticengineer's apartment and I was able to experience first-hand a thunderstorm so intense that even the sidewalks were flooded. My skirt was soaked up past my knees by the tiem I got home, but it was so amazing to see - the water flowing swiftly past the edge of the sidewalk as I searched in vain for stepping stones before giving in to the sodden socks. And the lightning flashed so often, I couldn't match each burst of light with any one crack or rumble of thunder.

Good thing it happened on the way home from dinner, though, and not on the way there...

I realize I have not posted in over a week. Closer to two weeks, really.

Life has been busy. The roommate hunt continues, but I am a bit less stressed out about it. There are possibilities. At least the apartment hunt is long over.

Meanwhile, summer school has ended - at last, a brief vacation. And today, all I got done was laundry.

As for the end of school, I felt like I finished up pretty well - at least with some of my classes. The fifth graders got to have a debate about railroads in social studies, and then in writing, I hung up the final drafts of all of their descriptive paragraphs, like a museum, and students walked around and commented on each other's writing. They really enjoyed it, I think - and I enjoyed seeing them do it. The fourth graders did one last probability activity in math. The older kids, well, the high school students had to write another essay - we did not finish up well. But the eighth graders shared their creative writing. So that went okay.

And I got to see a drama performance in the afternoon. Of course, I was not impressed. I got nearly as much out of them in my weekly Friday activity with them - the fourth graders performed for the second graders on Friday, and all enjoyed it. But in the school performance, it was stuff they had been practicing four days a week - and it was anything but polished. Oh well.

And then a good weekend - I gave the d'var Torah in shul. It was apparently precisely 15 minutes long, but I enjoyed speaking, and I hope that everyone there enjoyed listening. I spoke from an outline, so I can't post it here without putting in a lot of work.

Then the fast of Tisha B'av (The ninth day of the Jewish month of Av, the day the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed - twice.). Mostly, it was okay - except for the migraine. But a certain friend talked me into taking Advil - not that this involved much convincing - and I eventually felt better. I also got in a whole lot of Jewish learning and a really strange dream in which a girl was standing by the doorway to a balcony, only there was no balcony - only a ladder going down to an internal courtyard surrounded by the other sides of the brick building. She was really enjoying standing there at the edge of the doorway, and seemed to feel perfectly safe there.

And that about sums it up.


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