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What more is there to say?
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It seems to good to be true. I am worried I heard wrong or something.

But I am told I have a job.

I got un-excessed. I will be doing what I did last year. But wait - here is the best part: the supervisor who called me told me I would be in Brooklyn - the part of Brooklyn that is not under my supervisor from last year.

But I thought to ask if there had been any openings in Manhattan.

Turns out, the supervisor assumed that if I had been in Brooklyn last year, it was the most convenient place for this year. I told her Brooklyn was fine - I am used to the commute - but that Manhattan is better, both from the length of commute perspective and from the not having a car perspective. She told me she'd check.

Next thing I know, I got a call from the supervisor in Manhattan.

So I am doing the same work I started out doing last year (the related service work, not the classroom work). And I am working in Manhattan!
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Don't know where, or precisely what I will be doing. Presumably, pull-out services somewhere in Brooklyn. But I start on the 6th.

Which is a good thing.

And I also called Verizon to get my phone line moved. I think I will not have them install a jack for me. Either I will ask [livejournal.com profile] mysticengineer to help me install a new jack myself, or I will just buy a reeeeally long, white phone cord and snake it around the wall into my bedroom. It just isn't worth the $169 that they would want to charge me for sending a fat guy who sweats a lot and says he is having trouble breathing just from the exertion of stapling in the phone wires. Plus, I would have to wait around my apartment for the guy.

Anyway, my phone will be moved to the new number as of Wednesday.

But I am getting ahead of myself - need to move first. (Monday - wanna help?)

Still, it is great when everything starts coming together.

Also, last night, my sister called, and was asking about the job. When I asked why she was calling, she explained that my mom wanted to know if I had heard yet, but didn't want to bother me. For some reason, [livejournal.com profile] mbarr found this to be rather entertaining. As it turns out, though, this was a smart move on my mom's part - talking to her about it this morning (back when I didn't have a job yet) was much more stressful than talking to my sister.
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So I still don't know if I have a job. That's because the supervisors still haven't heard about funding.

And today is the last day of my student medical insurance.

Just wanted to share that.

In other news, I am seriously considering the novel as blog entries idea. And I was thinking perhaps something not fantasy/scifi related - unless that is what people would rather see...But I am currently considering an idea that is more in the real world. Opinions?


Aug. 30th, 2005 04:30 pm
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So a lot of things in my life and in the lives of the people around me are in a state of change right now - or are about to change, or have just finished changing. Relationships, residences, apartment mates, jobs, dramas... a lot of things.

And while I must admit to suffering the occasional twinge of worry somewhere deep in my stomach as I await the phone call or e-mail that will seal my professional fate for the next ten months - by now, it must already be decided. But I have not heard yet either way - I find that I am, for the most part, calm.

I think that other people's stresses are getting to me more than my own right now, as I watch a drama continue to unfold that has been happening around me - but has not directly involved me - since some time this spring. And I am watching, of course, with only half a clue what is going on, since so much of it is shrouded in the secrecy of the sort where lots of people know, but not necessarily the right people, and where I have picked up little crumbs and puzzle pieces along the way - mostly without trying - but have, at best, an incomplete picture with one particularly glaring - but perhaps not so important - hole in it.

Yeah, I know. Most of you have not the faintest clue what I am talking about. Don't worry about it. It doesn't matter. It isn't my drama. But today was a pivotal day in that drama, and so that was also part of this time of transition. I hope that, in regard to said drama, this is a transition into a swift and quiet resolution.

In other news, we may have found a fifth apartment mate. And we got a few lamps. And a free sofa. It needs a slipcover, but it is comfy. Certain apartment mates, however, seem to feel that we can do better - but at the very least, we have something. I wish that I had taken a camera along, though, as we tried out the sofa while it was sitting on a sidewalk. It would have been a cute picture.

And my weekend was relaxing - went to visit a friend in Long Beach, got to spend time with a couple other friends, dodged a multiple gaggles of rich high school students on our way to a restaurant in the five towns to eat "dinner" at midnight. Walked on the boardwalk many times. It was good.

And I had a really random idea - but probably not an original one - that it would be interesting to write a novel as a live journal - and let people comment along the way - not critique - just comment as if the entries are real rather than fiction. Of course, I have no clue what I would write about....


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