May. 25th, 2006

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... you go to a baseball game and there is a kosher hot dog stand
... it seems perfectly normal to spend $4.50 for the aforementioned kosher hot dog ($2.50 for a bag of chips, on the other hand...)
... the pre-game entertainment is provided by a chorus from a Jewish high school
... the principal of the aforementioned Jewish high school throws the opening pitch

Yeah, so I went to go to a Mets game last night. Apparently, they won, but I missed that part, since I needed to leave after the sixth inning to get home in time to get a good night's sleep (it didn't work. Still exhausted. Oh well.)

I didn't know people were going until I got a phone message at work from [ profile] flintknappy, and I didn't know I was going until everyone else was running late and I was able to make it to the meeting place - and decided to ride the train with everyone (yay unlimited metrocard) just to hang out with the people who were going: [ profile] daphster, [ profile] flintknappy, and [ profile] hampsblog. It wasn't until we got there that I actually decided to go to the game.

Anyway, it was fun, so a huge thanks to [ profile] daphster for thinking of it. This is my first time going to a major league baseball game in NYC - rather impressive when one considers I grew up in NJ, where we didn't have our own teams, so the NY teams were "ours" also.


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