Nov. 28th, 2006

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This was rather frustrating. And quite unexpected. (Stop thinking what you are thinking! That is not how it happened!)

I sat down, and heard a twang, and maybe felt a jolt. My bed is a daybed, which is built like a highriser, minus the underneath bed. The matress is held up on a network of wires, with two supporting metal pieces that span the width of the bed underneath. One of those metal pieces detached from one side of the frame....

And if you feel like you've read this entry before, that's because you have - I pasted the description of what happened from my last entry. Well, it happened again.

Good thing I tied the other crossbeam back on last Tuesday when I did laundry (and thus had a bare matress to lift out of the way) - which meant that I didn't have two broken at once, but also meant it was much quicker work to fix it.

A thank you goes out to [ profile] mysticengineer for the company while I fixed it, and for helping me lift the matress out of the way. I was very satisfied when I got approval of my rope-making and bed-tying techniques, and I think I would have been a lot more upset if I didn't have someone there to laugh with and keep me occupied while I worked on fixing it - which would otherwise have been a rather annoying experience.

And yeah, I know - it's time for a new bed...

Maybe I will get one by the time [ profile] mbarr gets his couch? Yeah, right.

I won!

Nov. 28th, 2006 07:12 pm
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52,229 - or so the word counter says...

Before I saved it to a .txt file, it was 51,320. Not sure how saving it as text added 900 words - but either way, I am above 50,000.

Plus, the rough draft is finished.

Now what? :)


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