Aug. 30th, 2007

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So after my summer courses, I had an entire month of vacation. Though two weeks of it were plagued by migraines, I feel, overall, that it was a good vacation, and a good length, and, aside from the exhaustion that comes from suddenly waking up two hours earlier than I have been, I am feeling okay about going back to work.

Some highlights of this past month include: two weekends at home with the family - for differing values of family, low-key hanging out with small groups of friends, Spamalot, Shakespeare in the Park, Shakespeare on the Run - twice, a Shabbat visit from [ profile] sen_ichi_rei, a weekday visit from [ profile] flintknappy and [ profile] daphster, a trip down to visit [ profile] rymenhild in her hometown - where [ profile] flintknappy was also visiting, a trip to the mets game with [ profile] daphster, [ profile] flintknappy, and the trip's organizer, [ profile] lexiefaye - in from her hometown for a wedding - and about ten other people I know from college, in which the Mets lost in the tenth inning after an exciting game, half a shabbat wih [ profile] lexiefaye, and oh, did I mention that it was free drawstring totebag night at the Mets game? That's right. I ended the summer with a cleaner room, a few more pages scrapbooked, new sneakers, and yet another free totebag.

Anyway, it's been a good one. And now it is done.
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With thanks to boroparkpyro.

Your LiveJournal Pirate CrewLiveJournal UsernameFifteen men on a dead man's chest!Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!Ew... How unsanitary.*dances a jig on a dead man's chest*Cutlass or pistol?CutlassPistolTorpedoHeat visionWhat is the name of the school, and the word "school" - and the red looked much nicer) and it had all sorts of complicated plans and changing them repeatedly, it doesn't really matter as much as I would have arrived earlier if I'd waited for the train to start running again. But I couldn't do that, because what if I had been in Brooklyn last year, it was the most convenient place for this year. I told her Brooklyn was fine - I am curious what we missed.

This museum was, for me, a highlight of the free museum night last June (what do they call that night? I forget) when they had the extreme textile exhibit. It was all about using textiles and textile techniques (such as knitting, weaving and even crocheting) to create new and useful things that might occur in nature, but also some things that might not know. Anyway, it looked really good.

And they each got a tree. I think it was a Pesach cake and it was anything but disappointing. I don't remember how that sounds, but it was enough. Plus, it gave us just enough time to nap. Also gave my sneakers another good workout with a 30-minute walk to shul, and the same walk back. Wore my new Shabbat coat for the first time when I was 19. That was because it was old, and also getting full. So now I can recycle all of my old sneakers instead of just cheering and letting her pass, I ended up with a story.

So, overall, not so bad.

Now, let's just hope the luggage gets back to me...
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To explain, the previous entry is made by this generator that bunches together snippets from lots of previous public entries. With some poetic and strange results.

Wanna try it yourself?

Have fun. :)
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(by way of explanation, for those who are not KOE regulars, but are local, the d'var Torah (words about the weekly Torah portion - specifically about Joseph. There are times when I really love hearing my father teach about the weekly Torah portion) at services the next morning. I told him I didn't have two broken at once, but also meant it was much quicker work to fix it.

A thank you goes out to you - and again, you know who you are, and no, I am not the best signer, so I will use their spelling, as it is their book sale) such as Torah and Tanach sets, Shas sets, and various classic commentators. But they also had more modern books - contemporary commentators, haggadot (well, the original text is far from modern, but there are benefits to being the hosts). That means that less than half of our train had closed doors. I am glad I was in the neighborhood, I went to shul (synagogue) on Friday night, I was in the bathroom, so I went downstairs to put in a credit application before us. And then there was the walk to Macy's to return other clothing, followed by a crowded subway trip after a metrocard malfunction.

Yes, the stress level on the first leg of my flight - worrying about being stranded with no luggage - I was much more focused on what went right. I had warning on the liquid thing. I had time to shop for jewelry. I got edible (not good, but edible) kosher meals. I had the rare opportunity to watch some friends buy back their baby from another friend for five silver coins. It was also wonderful that the entire family was invited. We got a wonderful photo of ourselves.

And the bride and groom got about five sets of photos via people who used Snapfish (myself included - did I mention that Cook College, unlike the rest of you doing up so late? But seriously, it feels wonderful to know that I am once again the proud owner of a monthly metrocard. Hooray for being able to go wherever I want in the city without feeling like I had hardly gotten any rest at all.

My job - a summer job, no less - is eating up nearly all of my jewelry, plus a few other little things.

She also told me no food - and began to panic. A frantic walk back to Conway followed, in which I got completely overwhelmed, but also met two other observant Jews - the people in charge bought two kosher bagels for them when they bought breakfast. (It looks like it will be very easy to be Jewish in this job.)

Then, on Thursday, a more experienced teacher took me around and showed me how to start things off in all the subway lines - I decided it was too much info for an unlocked entry. (If you want to know when taylwoven has posted, add her to your friendslist.


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