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So it's been nearly a year since I've written anything - and much longer than that since I have worked seriously on a story that went beyond brainstorming and detailed outlines in the form of detached, unordered scenes.

Until this week.

Sunday evening found [livejournal.com profile] mysticengineer and me in Barnes and Noble, randomly browsing, first in the scifi/fantasy section, and then in the writing section. And it was probably during the time we spent in the latter section, browsing through random books of anecdotes, exercises, advice and general writing humor that we both started lamenting - again - the fact that it has been far too long since either of us has written.

So we made an agreement. Sort of like how we learned Mishlei by keeping each other on track (if only we could finish Yirmiyahu the same way...) Anyway, we both agreed to write 1000 words of story a day - the same story - though I got her to give me a week to try out different ones until I got one that was working - five days a week (Shabbat sort of messes with Friday and Saturday).

And I have to say, the whole chevruta thing - sharing this goal with a partner - seems to have something to it. Granted, today is only Day 3 (and for my story, it's Day 2, because the first one I tried felt all wrong from the start), but so far, it is a good feeling, both to be writing again, and to have a day in mind.

It is interesting to need to write 1000 words a day. It is also interesting to stop when I reach that point. I could take out my story right now and continue it - but I feel like maybe there is something to be said for restraint. By using 1000 words (or, in my case, about 6 pages, since I am writing by hand) as not only a daily goal, but also a rough daily limit, I am pacing myself in a strange way - and also anticipating another day of writing.

I mean, if I am on a roll and it isn't my stop yet on the subway, I would keep going beyond that mark, but once I stop, I won't go back to it until tomorrow. This not only builds the anticipation and the desire to continue, but also gives my ideas some time to stew so that I don't just keep ploughing forward.

It also helps to know that by stopping when I want to continue, I leave myself with an idea of where to continue tomorrow.

Anyway, pacing myself like this is an interesting exercise in both discipline and restraint and I am enjoying it.

Now, let's see how many days [livejournal.com profile] mysticengineer and I can keep this up...

But so far, it feels like it was a good idea.
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