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2007-08-30 07:05 am

The end of a good vacation

So after my summer courses, I had an entire month of vacation. Though two weeks of it were plagued by migraines, I feel, overall, that it was a good vacation, and a good length, and, aside from the exhaustion that comes from suddenly waking up two hours earlier than I have been, I am feeling okay about going back to work.

Some highlights of this past month include: two weekends at home with the family - for differing values of family, low-key hanging out with small groups of friends, Spamalot, Shakespeare in the Park, Shakespeare on the Run - twice, a Shabbat visit from [livejournal.com profile] sen_ichi_rei, a weekday visit from [livejournal.com profile] flintknappy and [livejournal.com profile] daphster, a trip down to visit [livejournal.com profile] rymenhild in her hometown - where [livejournal.com profile] flintknappy was also visiting, a trip to the mets game with [livejournal.com profile] daphster, [livejournal.com profile] flintknappy, and the trip's organizer, [livejournal.com profile] lexiefaye - in from her hometown for a wedding - and about ten other people I know from college, in which the Mets lost in the tenth inning after an exciting game, half a shabbat wih [livejournal.com profile] lexiefaye, and oh, did I mention that it was free drawstring totebag night at the Mets game? That's right. I ended the summer with a cleaner room, a few more pages scrapbooked, new sneakers, and yet another free totebag.

Anyway, it's been a good one. And now it is done.
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2006-05-25 04:58 pm

You know you are in New York when....

... you go to a baseball game and there is a kosher hot dog stand
... it seems perfectly normal to spend $4.50 for the aforementioned kosher hot dog ($2.50 for a bag of chips, on the other hand...)
... the pre-game entertainment is provided by a chorus from a Jewish high school
... the principal of the aforementioned Jewish high school throws the opening pitch

Yeah, so I went to go to a Mets game last night. Apparently, they won, but I missed that part, since I needed to leave after the sixth inning to get home in time to get a good night's sleep (it didn't work. Still exhausted. Oh well.)

I didn't know people were going until I got a phone message at work from [livejournal.com profile] flintknappy, and I didn't know I was going until everyone else was running late and I was able to make it to the meeting place - and decided to ride the train with everyone (yay unlimited metrocard) just to hang out with the people who were going: [livejournal.com profile] daphster, [livejournal.com profile] flintknappy, and [livejournal.com profile] hampsblog. It wasn't until we got there that I actually decided to go to the game.

Anyway, it was fun, so a huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] daphster for thinking of it. This is my first time going to a major league baseball game in NYC - rather impressive when one considers I grew up in NJ, where we didn't have our own teams, so the NY teams were "ours" also.
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2005-06-16 11:17 pm


The following was the last item on a list etitled "six things": (Those of you from Rutgers know who it is from)

6) There is no sixth thing. That’s what the sixth thing is. That there is
no sixth thing. (For all my fellow paradox enthusiasts).

Also of note: He explains in this e-mail that he lives in Yonkers, and that if the thought of going all the way out to Yonkers scares people, they should note he lives one block from the Bronx - what I don't understand is how that is supposed to scare people any less...
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2005-05-21 10:49 pm

A return to Rutgers, a Betta named Buster, and a headache named Joe

This is really two entries in one, because I didn't have time to write on Friday, so here goes:

On Friday, I went down to Rutgers for my sister's graduation from Cook. It was in the RAC - the Rutgers Athletic Center, for those of you who are not Rutgers alums (and for most of you who are alums, congratulations on your recent graduations!) - it's where the basketball teams play. Normally, her graduation would have been outside, but it was raining.

Anyway, it was long. And the guy who spoke mentioned 9/11 - as did the president of Columbia at my graduation on Wednesday, and sort of drew the same message from it - that we should be less extreme in our views and value diversity - there must be some sort of cheat sheet for graduation speakers. And he spoke too long, and they gave out sooooo many awards... That having been said, at least we could see, and the calling of names took under an hour, which was wonderful! (L - how long was it at Rutgers College? Three hours? Just for the names?)

Oh, and did I mention that Cook College, unlike the rest of Rutgers, graduates in green? They still wear the Rutgers hood with their green gowns - it's red and black, and for most of them, it had a yellow collar - bachelor of science degree, for the few of you that might not know. Anyway, it looked really good.

And they each got a tree. I think it was a red oak. The state tree of NJ. What will my sister do with it? Plant it in Riverside Park? What did I get for graduating? A diploma and maybe a pin. What did my sister get? A pin, a keychain, and, oh yeah. A tree. Did I mention the tree?

Then we went back to College Avenue (the "main" campus, for those who don't know - and the one where I lived for four years, first in dorms, then a block off campus in a house) and I got all nostalgic. I got to see my sister's room, now that she is about to move out - and I realized I haven't been down to Rutgers all year! I haven't even seen how 17 Stone st. (where I lived those last two years) has changed in the past year - AN's "new" room (yes, yet another friend whose name begin's with A, and who must be referred to by two initials - there are only four of them on my LJ friends list...), a neater livingroom, perhaps, etc, etc. So that was kind of strange, realizing I had really left it behind this year. And now everyone else is leaving it behind too - or at least has graduated. So it was interesting to feel how much in the past Rutgers is, and to maybe regret that this year was so busy that I didn't get back to visit - sorry about that. I haven't even seen D and R's apartment!

So that was a nostalgic experience.

Then I had another "nostalgic" experience - I took NJ Transit back to the city. Well, maybe not so nostalgic. A bit sticky, though, thanks to the spilled coffee beneath my seat.

And then it was Shabbat.

Well, there were a few hours in between.

Friday night at AB's - a laid-back meal with about seven of us. It was really wonderful to hang out like that, to go to meals with a nice number of people, and to fall asleep on her bed - well, not quite fall asleep - while still in her livingroom, of course. At some point, I got yet another headache, and R named it Joe. (yeah, yeah. I know. After the title of the blog, that was sort of anticlimatic.)

And lunch involved the usual stair-climbing work-out, well-worth it as always. It is rather impressive how a six-person meal became twelve instead - well, first it became an eight person meal - before Shabbat. Then M invited four more people from shul - which made the meal even more fun. Of course, meals with LB always are, but this one was especially interesting - we talked about everything from pot to depression to how many doctors are on an El Al plane. It was a lot of fun.

Then I got another headache - does this one have a name, R? - and went to take a nap.

Woke up to an imminent rainstorm, and decided that if I left right away, I could make it to AB's apartment without getting soaked. Alas, I did not leave right away, and those ten minutes it took me to get out of the apartment made all the difference. Good thing AB had a skirt to lend me...

And, just before Shabbat - after candle lighting in fact, Y came home with, of all things, a Betta fish. Its name, it seems, is Buster. [AB, thanks fort correcting that.] And it likes to jump out of the net/scoop thingie when its water is being changed. It made for a rather hectic start to Shabbat. But if a fish will make her happy....

so that's the latest.